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NEW MILTON ALBUM CAMPAIGN: Milton just finished recording the tracks for a brand new album. He's launching a campaign to raise funds for the production and manufacture of the record TODAY (June 20th) on Check out the short video, pre-order a copy of the album and tell your firends! There are plenty of incentive perks for pledges at all levels. LEARN MORE HERE:

NEW VIDEO: Award winning director Peilin Kuo made a new video for Milton's song "Guess I'll Go Down". The video was shot in Brooklyn at Pete's Candystore, one of Milton's old stomping grounds. You can watch it on the media page, or on Milton's new Youtube channel:

Milton has a blog that features all kinds of wrtiing he's done over the past few years about music and and songwriting and records art and life and more music. New posts will be up all the time. Fans from far and wide have written in to put their own two cents in and you can too. Check it out!