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"He has the pitch and rhythm to carry the day, and his sophisticated lyrics keep listeners coming back for more."

The New York Times

"The one-named folksinger knows what he's doing."


"Paradise found…the way his voice navigates the songs will take its own tug on your heart."

The Daily News

"Serving up a soulful blend of literate, street-smart NYC folk and free-wheeling' Texas troubadour-syled alt-country, Milton hits all the right notes on Grand Hotel."

Blurt Magazine

"In a city glutted with noise-rock, post-drone, and electro-flash, you may have overlooked the catchy, honest folk of Milton and his band. Redeem yourself; you'll remember what got you so excited about the Dylan and Morrison tradition in the first place."


"Milton is able to create his own intriguing universe with songs that capture the wonder of being alive at a time when uncertainty has turned life in to a guessing game of challenges. Grand Hotel magnifies the miraculous moments in life that are often ignored…His voice has a timeless magic the greats are born with, with a soulful catch in it that cannot be forgotten."


"Milton is without a doubt one of the greatest most underrated songwriters in the contemporary music world today."

Ron Delsener, Live Nation